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Why Do I need to have a root canal redone?

With proper care, your root canal treated tooth can last a lifetime. However, as occasionally happens with any dental or medical procedure, a tooth may not heal as expected for a variety of reasons:

  • Complicated canal anatomy that was difficult to clean or  went undetected in the during the initial procedure.
  • The placement of the final restoration or crown was delayed following endodontic treatment.


Additionally other problems can arise that can cause a root canal that was successfully  treated to fail. Examples are:

  •  Decay can expose the root canal filling material and cause leakage resulting in bacterial contamination, leading to an infection.
  • A compromised filling can expose the root filling material to bacterial contamination.
  • The tooth can sustain a fracture.


If the tooth in question needs retreatment, the doctor will discuss treatment options and prognosis. If you choose to have the tooth retreated, the doctor will re- access the root canal filling and in some cases this may require removing the crown, post, and core material.

After cleaning out the old root canal filling material, the doctor will carefully examine the interior of the tooth under a microscope for additional canals or unusual anatomy and cracks or fractures. After cleaning and shaping the canals, the doctor will re-seal the canals with gutta percha and place a temporary filling over it. Additionally if one or more canals cannot be adequately cleaned surgery surgical procedure may be required involving an incision near the end of the root to allow the end of the root to be cleaned and sealed. If necessary, the doctor will discuss this with you. After endodontic retreatment, it will be necessary to return to your general dentist as soon as possible to have a restoration or crown placed to protect the tooth.


Is retreatment my best option?

Properly retreated teeth can function for years and ideally a lifetime. Our goal is to save your natural tooth and with the use of up to date methods we are able to optimally retreat the tooth.. The Doctors maintain a forward thinking attitude and continually study and train to keep their skills current with each new development in the field.

As with any dental or medical procedure, there are no guarantees. But we can guarantee individual attention and consideration to make sure your treatment is as successful and comfortable as possible.